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Feel the SCHMOOP!

So, Mother's day is pretty appropriate to post the SCHMOOP Master List.

So we ended up with mostly SG-1 fics (are we needing to feel the love a little more perhaps??), with some Atlantis and one Sentinel fic.

Read and enjoy, I know I did!

“Idiot” as an endearment

Misunderstandings by skidmo_fic - (SGA, Beckett/Sheppard)

Princesses (or princes) that don't want to be rescued from the dragon, thank you very much, and rescuers that say 'okay, in that case, do you mind if I stay?'

Quest by green_grrl - (SG-1, Jack/Daniel)

“an example of laughing, because the only other choice is to cry your eyes out, and psychotic laughter in the face of disaster loves company. (There should be a just kick-ass amazing friendship at the heart of this one.)”

Peek-A-Boo by skidmo_fic - (SGA, Chuck/Zelenka)

A smear of dirt across one cheek

Blue Jays and Ponderosa Pine by ayiana - (SG-1, Jack/Sam)

"-not needing to talk, but needing to find something to do with one's hands. (please dear God, someone write me Teal'c!)"

Silence and Communion by blackbird_song - (SG-1, Gen)

Dancing (anyone, as long as they surrender themselves to the music.)

An Order Is An Order by holdouttrout - (SG-1, Sam/Jack)

kissing under the fireworks

Skyrockets In Flight by sidlj - (The Sentinel, Jim/Blair)

Local Girl by sjhw_tolerance - (SG-1, Sam/Jack)

Comfort food and Jack, no longer needing to maintain his fighting weight

Changing Channels by paian - (SG-1, Jack/Daniel)

'barefoot through the grass'

My True Love's Eyes by crazedturkey - (SG-1, Jack/Sam friendship)

“The first morning after”

Ambient by annerbhp - (SG-1, Sam/Jack)

Rodney with a kitten

Refuge by crazedturkey - (SGA, Gen)

Secret Messages and Codes

Scraps and Scribbles by rigel_7 - (SG-1, Sam/Jack)

Fishing leaves out of a lover's hair.

Softly by skidmo_fic - (SG-1, Sam/Jack)

“As you wish” meaning “I love you”

Can't Rush A Miracle by skidmo_fic - (SGA, Lorne/McKay)

Snowball Fight

Survival Of The Fittest - (SG-1, Sam/Jack)

Making out in a car and feeling like kids again.

Moonlit Memories by sidlj - (SG-1, Jack/Daniel)

Time Stands Still

Eternal by crazedturkey - (SG-1, Sam/Jack)
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