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schmoop_age's Journal

The Age of Schmoop
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Schmoop, what is it? According to the Urban Dictionary ~

Lurve. Sickly sweet romantic crap.

To be schmoopy is to make others vomit with your cavity inducing displays of affection. To want schmoop is normal, don't be alarmed. Submit.

Sometimes you just need a little schmoop in your life.

Prompts for the Schmoop challenge will be taken through till 16th March.

Claim a prompt, write in any fandom, any pairing, gen, whatever floats your particular water-going craft. We're all here just to go DAWWWWWWWWW...

The official SCHMOOP day will be 30th April. You can post your stories between 16th March and the day of reckoning SCHMOOP day once you've had your claim accepted, or hold off until the 30th so we can have a glorious avalanche of SCHMOOP.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Wait, no, don't. Be fluffy. Be very fluffy.

SCHMOOP is now closed. Thanks for the treacle!

Master List of Schmoop